Author Topic: 'Devil's Footprints' make eerie return  (Read 744 times)

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'Devil's Footprints' make eerie return
« on: Mar 13 2009 - 04:03PM »

A set of hoof-like tracks have appeared in Devon, the same county where a string of legendary "Devil's footprints" were left more than 150 years ago.
The new imprints bear an eerie resemblance to the unexplained marks seen in South Devon in the 1800s, and which were said to stretch for 100 miles.

Pensioner Jill Wade discovered the mysterious marks in her snowy garden at Woolsery, North Devon, and called in the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), which investigates unexplained animal phenomena.

They saw the tracks were similar to those which cropped up in South Devon in February 1855.

The Devil's footprints were claimed to have made a trail of 100 miles and became known as the Great Devon Mystery.

The new tracks, found on March 5, disappear as they run into an area where the snow runs out.

Jonathan Downes, who runs the CFZ, is now trying to determine if the mysterious prints are those of a hare or rabbits bouncing on their hind legs.

The Devil's Footprint myth grew up when South Devon parishioners became angry at the clergy for altering the standard prayer book. Religious leaders were blamed for letting the devil into their communities, his presence proved by the tracks.

Mr Downes said: "It was a piece of local politics which had nothing whatsoever to do with the paranormal. Do I believe that the Devil comes from the pits of Hell to wander around the gardens of North Devon? Of course not.

"Thousands of people across the world believe in the paranormal, but so far every single thing we have looked into has turned out to have a natural explanation."
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Re: 'Devil's Footprints' make eerie return
« Reply #1 on: Mar 13 2009 - 04:12PM »
That was another interesting story, I would guess that there is a down to earth explanation for it...but you never know?  cher
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