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NW suburb hunting
« on: Mar 01 2010 - 06:56PM »
Anyone who lives in the Algonquin/Crystal Lake area is welcome to join me in investigating some of the local rumors. I suspect I'll be going on a Saturday, maybe the 6th because that's my only Saturday until April. I'm planning to hit the Algonquin Cemetery, Cary Oaks Retirement Home (what's left of it), the old hotel pool by the costume shop on 31, and anything else I find that has a good chance of producing results. My plan is to visit the pool from sundown to 9ish, Algonquin from 9-ish to midnight-ish and then move down the road to Cary Oaks until whenever. I honestly only need one more person to confirm if anything happens, but because these places are not documented haunted sites, I'm not expecting anything. No more than 3 people, the goal is to go back and forth in one vehicle. If anyone is interested, either post here or send me a message. This includes any PAST members, but this isn't a PAST investigation, should results be found maybe an investigation would follow afterwards. 
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