Author Topic: Possible face in window?  (Read 788 times)

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Possible face in window?
« on: Oct 13 2010 - 09:25PM »
soo this picture was taken at the abandoned peabody friary (dont know if any of you have been there or not)
i do not know much about orbs but i dont believe any of those spots are actual orbs. maybe im wrong.

im more interested in the "face" that appeared in the window. i was inside the friary on every floor and there was no one else there.
the zoomed in photo is brightened so its easier to see. if you look at the normal picutre, it is the only object that appears in the window.
all the glass in the windows are either dirty or broken, so i do not believe it is a reflection, and like i said, no one else was in there with us.

what do you guys think? im not an expert on these things, but this picture intrigued me..

comments would be nice=]