Author Topic: Planning to go to Bachelors Grove in November  (Read 204 times)

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Planning to go to Bachelors Grove in November
« on: Oct 25 2010 - 04:53AM »
My sister and I are planning on visiting Bachelors Grove in November.  We are very interested in the paranormal and this will be our first ghost hunting try.  I have heard stories about beginers not using digital voice recorders so I wanted some information and ideas from more experienced people.  We plan on taking digital cameras and my dvr.  Also, I have heard that if you talk to the spirits and tell them you are not there to harm them and to please let us take pictures of them they may oblige.  I have read some posts here to not go at night so we are planning on going in the morning.  I also have another question about doing evps.  (Sorry if this sounds goofy but...) If you state on the dvr that you want to speak to a certain person, i.e. grandma, does that help?

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Re: Planning to go to Bachelors Grove in November
« Reply #1 on: Oct 25 2010 - 08:51AM »
In my limited experience, EVPs are an elusive thing. Sometimes you will record something that has nothing to do with with what you are asking about. Sometimes you can get a direct answer to your question.  I would bring a digital recorder. "Tag" noises you make or hear such as a cough by someone in you group or car that goes by. Peoples memory isn't the greatest. You may hear something that is normal like a dog bark ,but when you play the recording you may have forgotten about the bark and mistake it for something paranormal. For reference, at the beginning of the EVP session state the date, time, who is in your group and if there are other people around. It helps later to help determine if you have a true EVP.

Take a lot of pictures but be careful of something called "matrixing". The brain and digital cameras like to piece things together to make sense out of things. This video will help you see what I mean. Looks can be deceiving.

Always be nice to the spirits. I truly believe that you can get more by explaining and asking them to join in. If you provoke, the spirits may decide not to interact with you. Also, provoking may get the wrong spirits mad at you. Hope this helps.

Do you have a date in mind? If you let us know, maybe a few experienced people from here may be able join you.
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Re: Planning to go to Bachelors Grove in November
« Reply #2 on: Oct 25 2010 - 10:16AM »
If you state on the dvr that you want to speak to a certain person, i.e. grandma, does that help?

No, chances are you will just get the closest spirit and or demon to where you our...... However they can pretend to be anyone you want, don't be fooled.  The right way to try for EVP's, is just ask a question as if you where just talking with another person, then pause a minute or so...then if they want to answer they can,  just talk nice, and remember a ghost is just a Person.
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Re: Planning to go to Bachelors Grove in November
« Reply #3 on: Nov 02 2010 - 02:47PM »
Sounds like fun! its been way too long since ive been there..i need to plan a road trip!

Well i wish you the best of luck! yes, going there at night is a no-no..but thats because police will arrest you for tresspassing..thats federally controled land. Digi cams and mics are a great way to start your adventure into the paranormal, but be warned, this field isnt always 'fun and interesting'..if you upset the wrong energy, you can put yourself in a dangerous situation. Protect yourself and your sister! definately announce yourselves and intentions and (as i have done before) give some sort of offering as compensation.apples or little toys, nothing too big...but they appreciate the recognition.

Youll never be able to control who or what your communicating with, and dicernment of spiritual beings is excruciatingly hard, being negative to this plane can hide behind innocent veils..but have sinister intentions.Ask general questions, something that can be answered easily.If activity heightens, get more that point your energies are intermingling..Its really all about your openness and availability to the spiritual realm...