Author Topic: Possable Squatches at Bachelors Grove??!!  (Read 2409 times)

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Possable Squatches at Bachelors Grove??!!
« on: Nov 03 2010 - 03:17PM »
Stan Courtney A great big thank you to John Stephenson for allowing me to tag along with him to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Cooke County, Illinois. According to his website "This small desecrated graveyard has more unexplained paranormal activities than any other cemetery worldwide." Both John's hunch and my suspicions I believe correct. Audio file to follow.

Stan Courtney This audio clip is of what I believe to be typical howl. It is the best howl I have ever heard in person. I only had my little Sony M-10 (monitoring recorder) running at the time. We were in the middle of the cemetery while John was explaining its history to me when several sirens went off. A few seconds this loud sir...en type howl started across the 4 lane road and in the woods up a hill on the other side. Time 10:00 a.m. I wish I would have had my parabolic on it. Not a very good recording, I had to crank up the gain on the first part. But it is the best I could do. Excited was not enough to express how I felt when I realized what it was. It howled 3 times and then was quiet.

Read complete interview and hear howl below
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