Author Topic: Planning to go as soon as it's above freezing. I don't want to go alone  (Read 516 times)

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no, not the trail, the entrance to Rubio woods was closed

Oh, ok...that makes more sense then.  They where doing snow removal, know I understand.   :)
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Well, on a whim I decided to go today, I knew it would be muddy but I   was prepared, and psyched, until I turned into the Rubio entrance and   the chain was across it and it said CLOSED. OMG I was so irritated lol. I   called 411 and got the number to the palos hgts division of the cook   county forest preserve and they told me they were plowing the grove for   the day. Of all days. Ugh, that's my luck.

So I went to Mt Carmel   and filmed Al Capone's headstone. What is really creepy is that someone   with my family last name is buried right next to him.

Don't forget the first rule of paranormal investigations, "Rule #1. Never go alone."

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I broke rule 1 and went last Wednesday.  emb   Damn, my asthma did not like that walk. Most of the trail still had ice and was muddy along the sides but I went in, took some video footage, and left after about 10 min. I haven't had time to study the video yet. I did have a feeling of something being not quite right there. I wasn't scared or anything, the place just seems "off" I wanted to walk further down the trail where I heard there's supposed to be a demon by the creek, but I don't do the demon thing. I've read too much stuff Ed Warren has written and demons are something I want no part of.

I don't really have many friends, and no one is interested enough in this stuff except me. So unless we plan something here, my only option is to go alone. It was a last minute thing anyway, since I had a job interview in Alsip.

here's my pathetic shaky cam video...let me know if you spot anything  My first visit to Bachelor's Grove cemetary 3-2-11
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Who am I to say demons and Ghosts exist? Who is anyone to say? No one has the answer, and those that don't believe chose so because they are scared to