Author Topic: Egyptian Theater, DeKalb IL May 20 10pm-2Am  (Read 1298 times)

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Egyptian Theater, DeKalb IL May 20 10pm-2Am
« on: Mar 30 2011 - 06:46AM »
Egyptian Theater paranormal tour    It is located in DeKalb and private investigations are allowed from 10   pm to 2 am. I'm thinking of doing this on a Friday night during may (the 20th). I   need at least 3 people to commit to go along, the fee is $40 per person and I think I have 3 total confirmed people going (we need at least 5) . I have already gotten permission from the director for a private investigation, so there won't be any noobs, just us. (well, I'm a noob, but I'm trying to start my own investigation service so I don't count lol) RSVP or msg me if interested. I'm not sure how we handle the payments, since i organized it you may have to send checks to me (in care of the Egyptian theater) and I also need to make a hundred dollar deposit. After I subtract the forty for myself, could we split the deposits depending on how may people go? If 6 people go, it's only a $10 amount. I'm still unemployed so I'm not trying to beg for money, just trying to organize it asap.

You can actually text or call me at 630-290-9413 to rsvp if you want and I can give you my address for the checks. I don't have PayPal so I can't do it that way (Old eBay account screwed me on Pay pal lol)

Join Us! We can carpool too, and maybe go out for dinner before or breakfast after.
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Re: Egyptian Theater, DeKalb IL May 20 10pm-2Am
« Reply #1 on: Apr 26 2011 - 02:43PM »
Any spots still open?
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