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Grandparent's House
« on: Jul 20 2012 - 07:31AM »
I recently went to visit my Grandparents - I haven't been to their house for well over ten years (they live far away and for one reason or another I have been unable to visit as often as I would have liked), ANYWAY this is what happened the last time I was there;
When I was about eighteen or nineteen years old (this would have been about 1998\1999) I was staying with my Grandparents over Easter. They live in a farmhouse on the moor in a little country village. The house was built about 1900 and was formerly used as a post office.

Things that Easter had been very active.
The doorbell rung with nobody there and from the position of the door and plus with three people and a dog in the kitchen and a gate and a drive it would have been impossible for someone to ring the doorbell and run off without being seen (the house is too remote and the "village" doesn't really have anyone that would do that in it). Also instead of the doorbell going, (and this will sound silly but it is the only way to describe it), "DING DONG" - it just went "Ding". My Grandmother looked at us and went to check but there was no-one there.
The lights came on in the garage by themselves one evening and my Grandmother shaken by this asked me to accompany her out, (she also claims that she saw a big cat at the end of the lane), but we found nothing unlocked.
I heard the Whist Hounds one evening (

One morning we where getting ready to go out when my Aunt called up the stairs that she, my Grandmother and the dog where in the car and they would meet me there. I was putting on my trainers and I called back "okay." I heard the downstairs door bang and the house was silent.

Soon after this I heard the sound of something at the bottom of the stairs. It was a dragging shuffling sound and it reminded me of an elderly person, frail and out of breath and gripping the bannisters for support trying to climb the stairs while wearing heavy old fashioned clothing (I got the image of a long purple robe and slippers). Knowing that both my Aunt and Grandmother are elderly women I called out their names.
No reply.
I even called the dog...but he was said to be in the car and besides he didnt come running either and this DID NOT sound like a dog.
I sat and looked at the landing at top of the stairs while the sound came closer thinking that if it was my Aunt or Grandmother then they would ask me what I wanted when they reached the top.
The sound stopped and something came into the room. This "something" was dressed in white, it wore a hood which obscured its face and it had no feet it only floated and where its feet should have been it ended in a point (like if you where to put your two surrounding fingers behind your middle finger is the best way I can describe it but only more ragged). There was also something around its neck like a scarf which stuck out at a funny angle. It floated past me and vanished into the loft (really more of a loft cupboard) behind me.
I ran out of the room my mind whirring but it didn't really strike me until later that I had seen a ghost.

This is what happened when I visited a few days ago;
The house has changed and undergone rennovation - the downstairs shower room is now my Grandfather's study\computer room but it is upstairs where the most changes have taken place. The room where I saw the ghost has been knocked through with the room next door to make one large room and the attic where it vanished into has been rennovated to form a bathroom\shower room. When my grandmother showed me she said that she didn't like coming into the room. I asked her why and she said that she hears scrabbling sounds when she is there - she doesn't know what it causing it (maybe its mice or bats and in all likelyhood it probably is) but it just struck me as odd that she was hearing these noises in THAT room in THE room where I saw a ghost.
Fortunately I didn't sleep in that room (I didn't take any pictures either as I didn't have my camera with me and fecal matter can be compared to the quality of picture my phone takes) but I didn't like going in there when my mother asked me to fetch something for her as I felt like I was being watched and whenever I left the room I shut the door.
I didn't see anything odd on the visit (and neither of the dogs reacted to anything by barking or growling) BUT I was woken up in the morning at about 5.30 by a stratching sound in the corner of the room and Phoebe (my little dog who slept with me) was sitting with her ears pricked up. Now, it could have been something on the roof (this is summer in the country) but this sound was like it was coming from inside the walls (could have been mice, but there was no attic space there).
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Re: Grandparent's House
« Reply #1 on: Jul 30 2012 - 12:56PM »
What a cool story, thanks for sharing.   =D>