Author Topic: Series of Questions BG/Archer/Paranormal Related  (Read 1532 times)

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Series of Questions BG/Archer/Paranormal Related
« on: Nov 26 2012 - 03:53AM »
Sup guys I haven't been on much, few things been kinda bugging me I guess.

~Bachelors Grove Related
- Went to BG today, took tons of pictures and I don't think I got a thing. Took them at sunset or so. One of the people with me was having camera issues. It's a nice camera, takes beautiful pictures but every now and then still pictures would blur. Does this happen for anyone else? Is this a sign of contact you think? Kinda frustrating I haven't gotten any mist like I did 10 years ago or so (Picture is in my older thread.)

-Further Note: Did not have the chance to see if that structure was still there past the creek.

~Archer Area Related
Was curious about the Archer Area in general by the way. I live in Justice pretty close to Archer Road/Resurrection/Archer Woods Cemetery.  We have had some activity in the house but I don't think it's haunted. I've heard archer used to be a path on the trail of tears. Is it possible spirits are passing through our house? I literally live across the street from the main cemetery. I worked down in summit for a few months so every day I road passed resurrection around 11PM and never seen our famous, phantom hitch hiker.
Though I did feel a strong poke in my side at the Willow brook ball room one time. Nobody was around me.

- Archer Cemetery was pretty creepy because of the head statues/Angel Statues. They are works of art but years of erosian made each one look kind of gloomy/dark.  Anyone have experiences in the Archer area?

~Photograph Related
- Sorting through pictures I'm very dismissive of any "orbs" or "faces" I see. After getting such a good picture in the past, I don't think I can be satisfied until I get something better. Anyone else feel this way when hunting?

~Awareness Related
- I kind of feel like I've lost some spirit awareness, do you think meditating might help me regain it? I know it sounds crazy and weird. But I feel like my 6th sense is rather dulled spiritually speaking.

Thanks guys and good night.

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Re: Series of Questions BG/Archer/Paranormal Related
« Reply #1 on: Nov 26 2012 - 02:45PM »
Well, as far as pictures go most of the time I never come up with anything, but its always a good idea to give them a second or third look, or by another person. Ive never had a camera malfunction but I have had other electronics start acting weird, draining battery and function problems for the most part. I normally never investigate orbs, because there are usually so many, but I keep an eye out for the odd looking ones. You could try some meditation but I dont think its a trait that can be lost or improved, I like to talk very kindly and act very humble, it seems when I do this I will feel comfortable energies around me. If you ever do see the phantom hitch hiker buy a lotto ticket  LOL