Author Topic: Strange (probably co-incidental) Bachelor's Grove occurance  (Read 1197 times)

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A strange (probably co-incidental) Bachelors Grove occurrance has happened today and I am not even on the same continent as the cemetery and there is a huge stretch of ocean separating us. I suddenly found myself thinking of the picture of the girl sitting on the Tombstone and what she was wearing, I am going to a May Ball this evening and for some reason I was really drawn to finding the picture and she's not even wearing a ball gown or anything remotely similar. For some reason I didn't bother to google the picture (probably as I knew what it was in my mind), but now I have found 2 copies of the picture among some paperwork that I am going through in two seperate places. One thing I have noticed about one of them is that she has either curly or wavy shoulder length hair, from close up she looks young, from far away she looks old.
Its nothing but a coincidence, but I thought I would share it with you.
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