Author Topic: AN Egyptian relic has mysteriously started MOVING in a museum Read more: http:/  (Read 177 times)

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  AN Egyptian relic has mysteriously started MOVING in a museum prompting   fears an ancient angry spirit could be fighting to get out.       The 4,000-year-old statue slowly spins round in a perfect circle, despite   being safely locked in a glass case.   
  The 10ins black figure, on display to the public for 80 years, was an offering   to the Egyptian God Osiris regarded as the God of the DEAD.   
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that's cool.

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Watching the video, it appears that it moves when there is a lot of foot traffic. It doesn't seem to move at night. Without seeing the statue first hand and being unable to examine the case., I suggest that the base of the statue has deteriorated over the years and has made the base slightly off balance/center. People walking by shakes the case slightly and the statue turns minutely. Enough vibration during the day would turn the statue around.

Just my thoughts.

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