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Chemtrail Orbs
« on: Jul 24 2013 - 09:44AM »
Original poster (below) theorized that 'orbs' were 'killing' the chemtrail. 

I'm   postulating and propose that what we are witnessing, is in fact   self-assembling nanotechnology that resulted in what appear to be   autonomous orbs.  The purpose of which is unknown, but one could imagine   them at a future point in time and at a discreet location, meeting back   up and further assembling into a larger 'orb/saucer/machine/?'...Or,   perhaps even disassembling into sub-microscopic autonomous devices akin   to a virus or bacteria. 

I suppose if we could assume good   intentions on the part of their progenitors....perhaps they will invade   our bodies and turn us all into Gods?  But, until I know more, I'm   sticking with nefarious side of things.  Your typical   politician/pseudo-authorities, once having done something of 'perceived'   public good, would be knocking each other over trying to get to a   podium and/or their mug on the Tel-LIE-vision to pat themselves and   their cohorts on the back for a job well done...such is their proclivity   and nature.

Original vid via:  UFOsightings2013

There is no such thing as ghosts. They are flying saucer aliens, using their cloak of invisibility to screw with our minds.