Author Topic: New book about bachelors grove coming out and release party!!  (Read 1242 times)

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  :wtf:  I thought it would be cool to share a message I got from a friend.   

"Mark your calendars for a NORTH SIDE showing of the exhibit, "Lost in the Woods: the Real and Unreal Story of Bachelors Grove" November 14th at Nisei Lounge in Lakeview. This great event is a fundraiser sponsored by Nisei Lounge and will also serve as the book release party for the new "Graveyards of Chicago." All proceeds will be used for the restoration efforts at Bachelors Grove Cemetery."
Just thought to share for anyone who may want to go sounds like it could be fun and it's for the good cause of restoring Bachelors Grove which I seen in many other posts people would love to contribute to. Have a great day everyone.  :051bye:
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That is great to hear that a fundraiser is on to help in the restoration of the cemetery and lifting some of the headstones back into place.