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Former Mob House
« on: Dec 03 2013 - 01:02AM »
I'm not going to say who used to live in the house to protect the new owner but I know for a fact the Big Tuna and others spent a lot of time in this house.  We did an investigation on 10/19/13 and this is one EVP we captured. We have others but they may give away what house this is or the new owner. Don't want to cause any problems for the new owner or myself for that matter.  If you want to hear more about who it is that used to live there you can send me a personal message. I will respond to hit.  We had heard that maybe someone was executed in this house so I asked.  It sounds to me and others that the spirit says "My Cousins" There were 4 men and 1 female in the room at the time of this recording.  Have it on the digital recorder and on the full spec video camera. The female that was in the room does not sound anything like this and was sitting right next to me. We also got a lot of activity on the K-2 when we got this EVP. First is with me asking the question and the 2nd is the voice looped.