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BGC last 3 weeks
« on: Jun 21 2014 - 09:12PM »
Been out to the BGC the last 3 weekends.  Usually when I go, I get something on the camera or full spec or the recorder. I have got nothing.  I can usually feel the energy of the spirits when I'm there.  Last 3 weeks nothing. I have been the only one in the place each time I went also.  Has anyone been there in the last 3 weeks and if so, did you get anything or is it the same as me. Nothing!! Posting a pic of how it looks as of last weekend.  I think they all may be at peace. It looks like a garden now. I even asked if they liked they way it is now in a evp session and got nothing. It just seemed really peaceful all 3 times I went.  Never felt that way before when I was there. Edit-2nd pic is a better view
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