Author Topic: St. Nazianz: Haunted Wisconsin Town  (Read 1996 times)

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St. Nazianz: Haunted Wisconsin Town
« on: Mar 04 2015 - 01:51PM »

The small town of St. Nazianz in Wisconsin is said to be cursed by the heretic priest of the Catholic mystic cult that founded it in 1854.

The town of St. Nazianz is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin. It was founded by a rogue priest who, upon his death, is believed to have cursed the town he built. Throughout the years, natural disasters and numerous accounts of bizarre, unexplained phenomena have helped keep the legend alive.
Father Ambrose Oschwald was fleeing religious persecution when he came to Wisconsin in 1854. The Roman Catholic Church had suspended him from his duties in the parish of a small town in the Black Forest of Germany due to “mystical, prophetic, and heretical works.”
When Oschwald left, the congregation uprooted and followed him to the US. They made their way to Wisconsin where, a 1920s newspaper article reported, a divine white heifer lead the group to the site that would become St. Nazianz.
The community thrived there for many years. They called themselves “The Association,” agreeing to share everything in common and work without pay. But strange things began to happen when Oschwald fell sick in 1873.

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Re: St. Nazianz: Haunted Wisconsin Town
« Reply #1 on: Oct 15 2015 - 07:03PM »
This is a new one that I haven't heard of. I'd like to go there someday.