Author Topic: If you plan to go to Bachelor's Grove........READ THIS!  (Read 610 times)

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To anyone that plans on going to Bachelor's Grove.......Don't go after dark!  The Cook county forest preserve police are VERY strict there.  If your caught there after dark You will be arrested for criminal trespassing!   The normal graveyard hours are the same as Rubio Woods Forest Preserve hours.......dawn to dusk, strictly enforced!  

The only place to park to get there is across the street in Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, which is open from dawn to dusk .  However they are there at dusk and if your parked there even a second after dusk they will give you a $25.00 ticket......No if ands or buts!

This is very serious, not a joke.   ter

Here is a quote from one of our members that tried to go out there at night....................

We got busted by the cook county forest preserve police and all three of us got notices to appear in court on charges of criminal tresspass so, if you go after dark be warned the cops walk thru there every hour and you WILL get caught!!! they were VERY rude. 
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