Pete Crapia, the pathological liar!

Pete Crapia, the pathological liar!

This blog is in  response to a yet another lie filled simply insane blog that Pete Crapia made about me.  This man is a  pathological liar making up lie after lie in his blogs trying to discredit me…..and why you ask?  Well just because I have a bachelors grove site.

So out of the clear blue and even  after not seeing or speaking to the nut for over a year he strikes again.  This time he has a blog about how I’m stealing the Grove or from the visitors to the Grove…..Or people are sending my stuff?!!?  WHAT?   To be quite honest I have no idea what this is about or coming from, obviously more of his delusional rantings.   Here’s a great way to prove this one Crapia, what is my address, I moved 15 months ago and NO ONE knows my new address.  So how do people send me whatever the hell your talking about?   There are so many holes in your story it looks like Swiss cheese.

This little troll even says on his site that I was wanted by the police for question about wrong doings at the grove. Then he go’s to say I was caught and questioned, then released form lack of evidence?   WTF, wouldn’t I have known if this happened, anyone can see that this is  another  lie just by check public records.  I have never been arrested or even questioned about anything in my entire life!  Feel free to check it, I have nothing to hide!

This man has accused me of all kinds of wrong doings and has not once showed any facts or evidence to support any of his rantings at all ever.  They are all 100% fabricated, and I dare anyone to PROVE different.

Again the simple facts about bachelors grove is that it  is a public grave yard in a public forest preserve and anyone can have a website about it or talk about it without your permission!  It’s quite obvious that Pete Crapia seems to think he owns Bachelors Grove or is the official keeper.

Like I have said before you freaking delusional little troll……… If you don’t like me or my site just stay off of it and shut the f$%k up!

“If you are successful, you may win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway.” –  Mother Theresa

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