Pete Crapia, The Bachelors Grove Nutjob!

Pete Crapia, The Bachelors Grove Nutjob!

This blog is in  response to a lie filled simply insane blog that Pete Crapia made about me.  This man is a  pathological liar making up lie after lie in his blog trying to discredit me…..and why you ask?  Well just because I have a bachelors grove site.

The simple facts are that bachelors grove is a public grave yard in a public forest preserve and anyone is aloud to go there anytime during the day. It appears that Pete Crapia seems to think he owns it or is some sort of official keeper of the grove, this is more then apparent and down right delusional.

Anyone at all is free to make a bachelors grove website and there is no reason that Mr Crapia should be having fits that I have one too. I did a search and found a few sites about the grove, I wonder If he’s attacking them too? He also claims he has the “real” bachelors grove site, and again simply a delusion. There is no such thing as the real site, a real or official site can only be a owner of a place or product. Like Ford’s website is the real Ford site because they are Ford and they own it. Also do you thing Ford is posting huge insane blogs about VW or any other car dealer because they think they are the only official car site?

So Mr. Crapia, wake up and smell the coffee. You have a bachelors grove site, a very good one too, it has the best history of the grove that I have found. However you are NOT the official site, In any way shape or form so quit causing so many problems.  Also if you hate Me and my site so much just don’t go there…End of problem.

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3 Responses to “Pete Crapia, The Bachelors Grove Nutjob!”

  1. Colleen Says:

    From what I have seen of Mr. Crapia’s comments he needs help for dilusional thinking and for a problem with lies. He seems to be compelled to lie about Mr. Stephenson on a personal level. And I can tell you that each of the negative comments that he has made about John Stephenson has been a lie. The number one lie that I saw was that John Stephenson has made a profit from his work with Bachelors Grove Cemetary. NOT true. Not even a little bit true. In fact it is so far from the truth that it would be laughable if it weren’t so insulting. John has not only built this website with his very own money from his very own pocket but has put in hours too numerous to count. Taking away from the hours that he put into his business that DOES make money. He has funded a few of the planned activities himself. And that is not to say that there aren’t members who have donated time and money to the website and the activities surrounding the website because there are and they have. And they are given credit for it. John is very thankful to anyone who helps out with his campaign to keep the cemetary clean and respected. But he in no way has made any kind of a profit from this website or the activities connected with the site.

    Personaly speaking he has asked my help with 2 projects so far. He funded both. One of the projects was particularly expensive. He paid for every penny of it out of his own pocket. And early on when there were only a handful of members he did not even have a place on the site for donations. It was only after the site began to grow exponentially that a donation icon was added so that if the membership liked the site well enough to want to see it continue to grow and be free of problems such as low bandwith and limited access then those members could donate a few dollars to make that possible. John is not a wealthy person. He is not an indigent either and let me assure you that if he continues to fund as much of the site as he has so far with money AND TIME then he surely would become poverty stricken without a doubt. Unless of course he were to win a lottery some place. But then if he has 2 bucks for a lottery ticket I can almost asure you that it would go towards paying for a clean-up bar-b-que at Bachelors Grove Cemetary rather than buying the ticket.

    So if I haven’t made myself clear yet. Anyone who knows John Stephenson even a little bit will not be falling for anyone’s malicious lies about treachery or dishonesty. It’s just a shame that any of us had to spend our time defending our friend from such awful lies.

  2. nametreaxerge Says:

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